Hi! I’m Jennifer. Welcome to The Peaceful Journey!

If you’re here and you’re searching for answers on how to drop the drama, stop the chaos, and build a more satisfying, peaceful life, you’re in the right place.  How do I know this?  Because I’ve done it!  And now, the greatest desire of my heart is to share what I’ve learned with YOU!

At 30 years old, I found myself asking a lot of WHYs – why do things keep turning out in the same sad, broken way for me when I all I really want is to care for and love others?  Why do I keep running into the same brick wall and walking away with the same bumps and bruises?  Why are the same issues and problems coming up again, after every “fresh start”?

I was simply not going to accept that life had to be a series of unhealthy family entanglements, disastrous attempts at romantic relationships, and unfulfilled, superficial friendships.  So I started with me.  Yes, I took a long hard look in the mirror and realized l am the common denominator in every relationship and every outcome in my life.  And (gratefully) recognizing that I am the only party to any of those relationships and outcomes that I can control or change, I began tearing out the barbed wire around my heart, flipping over the stones covering mounds of buried hurt and grief, and exposing myself to the truth about me.  It was scary, it was raw, and it was hard a lot of the time.  But I allowed myself to go through a total deconstruction, with the sole (soul) purpose of rebuilding myself from the inside out.  I knew that starting from scratch and letting go of everything I’d ever known and believed to be true was necessary to find the Truth.  So I’ve spent the last two decades re-learning and remembering how to live and how to love myself and others.

So again, welcome!  Here I am.  Blissfully middle-aged, married to my blissfully (im)perfect soulmate, and raising a man currently disguised as a teenaged boy, who makes me smile more everyday than I could have ever imagined.  And I’m so happy I can share with you my path….from the not-so-peaceful past to the peaceful journey that is now my life.

Love and peace,